Q & A on Dryer Vent Cleaning and Service

We are locally owned and operated and are dryer vent repair experts! We only charge if we end up cleaning the vent or repairing it. 

What can happen if my dryer vent is blocked? 

If the dryer van is blocked, the system will not work properly. It can take a long time to dry clothes. All clothes should dry between 45 minutes and an hour. Beyond that point, you are putting undue stress on the machine. A clogged dryer vent will stress the dryer, which can permanently damage your dryer. You can lose a heating element, lose the temperature indicator, and lose the complete computer board of the dryer. Most importantly, it can cause a house fire. 95% of the problems with a dryer are due to a clogged vent.

I just had my dryer repaired, and it is still not working correctly. Could that be from the vent being blocked/dirty? 

If you’ve had your dryer repaired and your dryer vent cleaned by another company, and it still doesn’t work, it may be because the vent is structurally wrong, it has too many bends, it’s put together with screws, has an internal screen, has an internal blower or has the wrong cap on the roof. No matter what the problem is, we can solve the problem. We are experts at properly rebuilding and fixing every kind of vent there is in a house. Not only do we do dryer vents and dryer vent reconstruction, but we also do bathroom fan installation, hood installation, and over-cook stove fans. 

Do you need to access my roof to clean it? 

To properly clean a dryer vent, you need access to both ends because you don’t know what’s clogging it. Is it a screen? Is it a dead animal? Is it because they put screws in the outside piece? There are a lot of carpet cleaner and furnace companies out there that will just suck the debris out, or they will blow it out as you do with a leaf blower. These methods are typically not a long-term solution. 

To properly clean a dryer vent, you need access to both ends. So if that end is on a roof, the person needs to climb onto the roof and access the vent. We do this daily; this is the only way to ensure your dryer vent is safe and adequately cleaned.

I hear a noise from my dryer – What can this be? 

When you get a noise from the drum of the dryer, a squeaking sound, or a banging from the drum of the dryer when it turns, this is caused by overheating, and overheating is caused by having a clogged dryer vent.